The Deciport Travel Security and Safety Workshop is designed to introduce you to understanding, planning and moving within environments where risk and uncertainty exist, in a manner that doesn’t require you to be a security expert from the beginning.

Who is this workshop for?

  • Business Professionals,

  • Personal Travellers and Family Members,

  • Worried Parents of Kids heading off into the Great Unknown,

  • Fledgling Adventurers,

  • Students and Student Trip Planners,

  • Sports Persons and Sports Teams,

  • Not-for-Profit Organisations,

  • Anyone who is Safety Conscious!


Our workshop will provide you with the base knowledge to dramatically increase the safety and security of yourself, loved ones and friends both at home and abroad, in simple to understand steps, covering a range of topics; including:

  • Post-Pandemic travel risks, distractions and issues;

  • Gaining a comprehensive understanding of what is happening at your prospective destination quickly and efficiently;

  • What understanding culture can do not only for your travel success, but your safety;

  • How to gain and maintain situational awareness (your safety barrier) in a new environment;

  • Structure pre-travel planning that gives you safety options should the unexpected happen;

  • Security considerations for personal and social situations, movements to and from locations, accommodation and more;

  • Information and operational security and how it keeps you safe and your important info secure;

  • And much more!


This workshop will enable you to make the decisions that matter just as much at home as they do when you choose to travel.

This is the PERFECT time to up-skill yourself and those you care about; so that you are better prepared to open up more of the world and the opportunity is has to offer.

Duration: Approximately 3 hours



  • Conducted in-house (we come to you) or;

  • Online (Live Virtual Workshop).

Special Options:

  • Contact us at the email below to discuss options for businesses, groups or organisations with special requirements.

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The COVID-19 (Coronavirus) crisis of 2020 has dramatically shifted the global situation in a matter of months, a perfect example of the complexity and change that you need to navigate; no matter where you go.

Among the pandemic situation, political unrest is rife. Protests have occurred across the world, as well as rioting and looting in the United States. This is unlikely to ease up in the short term.

Will a contracting global economy result in increased levels of petty crime in poorer areas?

Will the lifting of travel bans mean that business opportunities open up across the globe?

Whatever the case might be, being prepared for what the world throws at you will enable you to weather the storms of a changing world, and seize opportunity where others hesitate.

The world is a dangerous place. It is complex, ever-changing and dynamic. Unknown environments bring risk and uncertainty.

Opportunity is out there. However, the path is not always clear.

From first world to third, challenges exist within all environments, and with these challenges, come risk and uncertainty.

You and those you're travelling with don’t need to be directly involved, to be caught up in dangerous situations and chaos.

Protests become riots, airports close, petty crime, unexpected altercations, terror attacks; a lot can happen to people who are bystanders.

Dangerous situations love people who are unaware of what is happening around them.

Threats to personal safety, personal information and/or business information exist no matter where you travel to.

These are not only threats to you; they are threats to the people you care about and who rely on you.

2019 and into 2020 has seen significant unrest from Asia to Latin America, Western Europe to the Mediterranean and the Middle East to North America.

Sophisticated Kidnap-for-Ransom operations, Extortion Operations, trends in Violent Crime changing and migrating from region to region, Terrorism, regional Political Unrest and Violence; the list goes on.

Our workshop is delivered to you by Deciport's Director Marcus Aupuni, a former Diplomatic Security Consultant and Intelligence Liaison Officer to the Australian and New Zealand Embassies in Baghdad, Iraq, with extensive experience in hostile environments, special operations, military intelligence; and training delivery.

Duration: Approximately 3 hours



  • Conducted in-house (we come to you)

  • Online (Live Virtual Workshop)


Special Options:

  • Contact us at the email below to discuss options for businesses, groups or organisations with special requirements.

For information and bookings, contact us now:

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