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We provide Leash IT© Track and Trace technology, paired with the powerful Leash View© Software Platform, enabling real-time tracking of Personnel and Assets - all displayed on a floor plan overview straight to your smart device or desktop!

Just some of the applications for Leash IT© Track and Trace technology include:

  • Contact Tracing for Business Continuity,

  • Aged-Care, Hospital and Medical Facilities,

  • Car Dealerships: Vehicle and Key asset management,

  • Building Sites: Sign-in, personnel and asset tracking; and contact tracing,

  • Any site or location where tracking personnel and assets for safetyproductivity boosting and security is vital. 

Powerful at-a-glance reports using your tracking data makes auditing and health and safety compliance quick and easy.


We are proud to offer you this cutting edge, secure technology to keep personnel and assets safe, boost productivity, enable policy compliance and be prepared for COVID-19 contingencies.

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