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The Deciport Weekly Recap: 09 August 2020

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A summary of Key Events from this week's Daily Quick-Looks. Click on the headings or pictures below to be taken to the Quick-Look for that particular day. All Quick-Looks can also be found on the Intelligence Stream.

03 August 2020: Singapore To Make Some Arrivals Wear Electronic Trackers

Security (Health) // BLUF: Singapore will be giving electronic tracking devices to travelers entering the country, including citizens and residents, who have arrived from a select group of countries from 11 August 2020.

This will mean that these travelers will be able to isolate at home, rather at state-run facilities.

Similar devices have been used in Hong Kong and South Korea to track movements of citizens and residents during coronavirus quarantine.

04 August 2020: Scaling Back Of Melbourne Food Production Threatens Food Supply Chain

Security (Health) // BLUF: The massive scaling back of food production in the Australian state of Victoria due to increased lockdown measures is expected to affect the food supply chain, where the possibility of shortages of certain foods cannot be ruled out.

The scaling back will see factories operating at a third of their capacity.

Meat processing plants in particular have been a major source of outbreaks.

Panic buying in the initial stages of lockdowns earlier in the year saw Australian supermarket shelves empty and videos emerge online of people fighting over items, including toilet paper.

05 August 2020: Gigantic Explosion In Beirut Kills At Least 78, Injures Thousands

Security // BLUF: An explosion tore through a port and surrounding area in Beirut, Lebanon, killing at least 78 people and injuring nearly 4000.

The gigantic explosion reportedly occurred at or near a warehouse housing 2,750 tonnes of ammonium nitrate, which had been stored for six years.

Various countries including Israel have offered humanitarian assistance. Israel has stated it had nothing to do with the event.

The death toll is likely to rise, with Lebanese president Michel Aoun commenting that a two-week state of emergency should be declared.

06 August 2020: Protests As Turkey Considers Dumping Treaty Against Domestic Violence

Political, Security (Personal) // BLUF: Thousands of women turned out in Turkey to protest the government's consideration of withdrawing from an international treaty preventing domestic violence.

The Istanbul Convention is a treaty to fight violence against women, from marital rape to female genital mutilation.

However, protests began in July after a ruling party official raised the possibility of withdrawing from the treaty.

07 August 2020: 16 People Arrested In Connection To The Beirut Blast

Security // BLUF: Lebanese authorities have arrested 16 people in connection with the explosion in Beirut this week.

The Beirut Port General Manager Hassan Koraytem was among those arrested. Further to this, the Central Bank had frozen the accounts of several people connected to the incident including Koraytem and the head of Lebanese Customs.

The explosion at the Beirut port, blamed on a fire that ignited 2750 tonnes of ammonium nitrate, caused extensive damage for kilometres and resulted in at least 157 people killed and more than 5000 injured.

08 August 2020: At Least 16 Killed In India Repatriation Flight Crash

Security (Health, Travel) // BLUF: An Air India Express flight from Dubai, UAE to Calicut, India crash-landed after skidding of the runway in Calicut, killing at least 16 people and injuring at least 123.

The flight was repatriating Indian nationals stranded overseas during the coronavirus pandemic.

The plane was carrying 190 passengers and crew, with one of the pilots being among the dead.

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