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The Deciport Quick-Look Weekly Recap: 28 June 2020

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A summary of Key Events from this week's Daily Quick-Looks. Click on the images below to be taken to the Quick-Look for that particular day. All Quick-Looks can also be found on the Intelligence Stream.

22 June 2020: Australian State Of Victoria To Bring Back Restrictions As COVID-19 Infections Spike, Families Blamed While Protests Not Mentioned.

Victoria will bring back COVID-19 restrictions, as Premier Daniel Andrews has placed the blame of a recent spike in COVID-19 cases at the feet of families gathering and individuals not following social distancing guidlines.

Melbourne hosted a Black Lives Matter (BLM) protest on 06 June, that had seen 10,000 people gather, ignoring social distancing measures; and resulting in confirmed cases of COVID-19 afterward.

While anti-government and anti-lockdown protests last month led to police making numerous arrests and attempting to break up the protests, the BLM protest represented a political minefield that Andrews seemed unwilling to negotiate; to the detriment of public safety.

23 June 2020: Toronto To Reopen For Business After Three-Month Lockdown

After three long months, Canada's largest city, Toronto, will be reopen for business.

Along with many other countries, Canada's lockdown has put strain on its economy.

While the reopening of businesses will certainly be a welcome occasion, the threat of another outbreak of COVID-19 constantly looms over the world.

24 June 2020: The Aussies Don't Trust China Or Its President.

A recent poll has indicated that trust in China and its Chinese Communist Party leader Xi Jinping has dropped significantly.

But is it hard to see why?

At a time when nations are contracting under the pandemic that originated in China, China has been busy in the South China Seas, Hong Kong, displaying political aggression towards countries such as Australia; and growing its influence on the world stage.

China has been a very visible player on the world stage in 2020, and their actions have been hard to ignore.

25 June 2020: Australian Airline Qantas To Cut 6000 Jobs.

Australia's national carrier Qantas will cut around 6000 jobs as it downsizes in the wake of COVID-19.

The jobs will be cut across Qantas and Jetstar, representing approx. 20% of the total workforce.

Qantas CEO Alan Joyce will remain, as trading in Qantas shares has halted.

Devastating news for the world-class carrier.

26 June 2020: Panic Buying Returns To Australia.

Supermarkets in the Australian state of New South Wales (NSW) are reportedly selling out of items such as toilet paper, as panic buying, spurred by a looming second-wave coronavirus outbreak in the country, appears to have returned.

Reminiscent of shoppers in Australia and around the world at the beginning of the pandemic in March, where fights broke out over toilet paper and supermarkets were emptied of pasta, milk powder and flour; Victoria and now NSW are seeing some supermarkets being emptied of these items once again.

Whether the general public had learned the first time around or not, only time will tell. 2020 is truly the age of 'Be Kind' on social media but fight people in the supermarket over toilet paper.

27 June 2020: Minneapolis Cancels The Police Force.

The Minneapolis City Council has unanimously voted to change the city charter so their police force can be disbanded.

Following the death of George Floyd (African-American) by a police officer (Caucasian) in the city in May, protests, riots and looting broke out across the country.

Protests also took place around the world.

It what can only be described as a staggering move, rather than reform and improve the standards and procedures of the standing force, the disbanding of the Democrat-run city's police force will highly likely see the city descend into increased petty and major crime; as the city determines how best to manage replacing the force with something else entirely.

It will also likely see other Democrat-run cities attempt to follow suit.

Cancel culture cancels the police.

And it is only June.

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