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The Deciport Daily Quick-Look: 30 June 2020

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Potential New Pandemic Flu Virus Found In China

A new strain of flu with the potential to become a pandemic has been found by scientists in China.

The strain is carried by pigs but can infect humans, with concerns it could mutate and easily spread between humans.

Being a new virus, humans could have little to no immunity to it.

(See Point 6 Below)

The Daily Quick-Look for 30 June 2020

The Deciport Daily Quick-Look is your at-a-glance look at several key events and situations around the world over the last 24 hours. Each headline contains the link to its source report.

BLUF = Bottom Line Up Front.

FYSA = For Your Situational Awareness.

1. UNITED STATES, CHINA - Security/Political: Pompeo calls China Muslim sterilization reports 'shocking' and 'disturbing'

FYSA: U.S. Secretary of State Mike Pompeo on Monday labeled as “shocking” and “disturbing” reports that China’s ruling Communist Party is using forced sterilization, forced abortion and coercive family planning against minority Muslims. (Reuters. See link in heading)

2. UNITED KINGDOM - Security (Health): UK imposes lockdown on city of Leicester to curb COVID-19 outbreak

FYSA: The British government on Monday imposed a lockdown on the city of Leicester, which has a much higher COVID-19 infection rate than anywhere else in the country, in its first major attempt to curb an outbreak with local rather than national measures. (Reuters. See link in heading)

3. IRAN - Security (Health): Iran records highest daily death toll from COVID-19

FYSA: Iran recorded its highest number of deaths from COVID-19 within a 24-hour period, official health ministry figures showed on Monday. The 162 deaths reported on Monday exceed the previous record on April 4, when the health ministry reported 158 deaths in a day. The Islamic Republic has recorded a total of 10,670 deaths and 225,205 infections from the coronavirus, health ministry spokeswoman Sima Sadat Lari said in a statement on state TV. There have been 186,180 recoveries, she said. (Reuters. See link in heading)

4. PAKISTAN - Security/Political: Multiple dead in stock exchange shooting in Pakistan

FYSA: At least ten people are believed to be dead and multiple others are injured after a group of gunmen opened fire on the Pakistan Stock Exchange in the city of Karachi. Karachi police chief Ghulam Nabi Memon said the four attackers pulled up in a car outside the building’s trading floor and threw a grenade before opening fire. Four security guards, a police officer and a bystander were killed in the attack, according to local media. All four gunmen were also killed by the police. A separatist militant group from a neighbouring province, known as the Baluchistan Liberation Army (BLA), have since claimed responsibility for the attack. (News.com.au. See link in heading)

5. HONG KONG - Political: Hong Kong pro-independence activist jumps bail, flees ahead of national security law

FYSA: Hong Kong pro-independence activist Wayne Chan has jumped bail and fled the city, citing concerns that a large group of political figures could be arrested and prosecuted under soon-to-be-passed national security legislation. Chan, convenor of the Hong Kong Independence Union, announced on Facebook on Sunday that he had left the city. He was on bail awaiting trial on charges connected to allegedly participating in an unlawful assembly during an anti-extradition bill demonstration in Wan Chai last June 10. (HKFP. See link in heading)

6. CHINA - Security (Health): Flu virus with 'pandemic potential' found in China

FYSA: A new strain of flu that has the potential to become pandemic has been identified in China by scientists. It emerged recently and is carried by pigs, but can infect humans, they say. The researchers are concerned that it could mutate further so that it can spread easily from person to person, and trigger a global outbreak. They say it has "all the hallmarks" of being highly adapted to infect humans - and needs close monitoring. As it's new, people could have little or no immunity to the virus. (BBC. See link in heading)

7. NEW ZEALAND - Security (Health): Winston Peters on EU travel: 'We're not going to compromise our country's health' , Jacinda Ardern's warning to anyone heading overseas: 'You may be charged for quarantine'

FYSA: Foreign Minister Winston Peters says New Zealanders who head to Europe on holiday should pay for their two weeks' hotel quarantine when they return. The EU has named 14 countries whose citizens are deemed "safe" to be let in from tomorrow. Along with New Zealand on the current Covid-19 safe list are Algeria, Australia, Canada, Georgia, Japan, Montenegro, Morocco, Rwanda, Serbia, South Korea, Thailand, Tunisia and Uruguay. The United States, Brazil and China are excluded, though the EU is ready to add China if its government offers a reciprocal travel deal for EU citizens. For now New Zealand is not allowing in international visitors as it continues fixing problems with the quarantine and managed isolation facilities, and Peters said that would not change following the EU decision. (RNZ. See link in heading)

Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern has warned anyone in New Zealand considering overseas travel that they may be charged for the use of border facilities for quarantine upon their return. Ardern made the comment during her weekly press conference this afternoon, where she also announced it is spending another $150 million on personal protective equipment (PPE) for workers in border facilities and in healthcare. The Government was looking into the legalities to require new arrivals to stay in their rooms for the first three days of their stay in their facilities, Ardern said. (NZH. See link in heading)

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