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The Deciport Daily Quick-Look: 25 June 2020

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Qantas CEO Alan Joyce. Picture: Lisa Maree Williams/Getty Images

Australian Airline Qantas To Cut 6000 Jobs.

Australia's national carrier Qantas will cut around 6000 jobs as it downsizes in the wake of COVID-19.

The jobs will be cut across Qantas and Jetstar, representing approx. 20% of the total workforce.

Qantas CEO Alan Joyce will remain, as trading in Qantas shares has halted.

Devastating news for the world-class carrier.

(See Point 5 Below)

The Daily Quick-Look for 25 June 2020

The Deciport Daily Quick-Look is your at-a-glance look at several key events and situations around the world over the last 24 hours. Each headline contains the link to its source report.

BLUF = Bottom Line Up Front.

FYSA = For Your Situational Awareness.

1. CANADA - Security (Health): Ontario to allow some COVID-19 positive employees into workplaces

FYSA: Ontario will allow some people who test positive for COVID-19 but do not have symptoms to return immediately to their workplaces with precautions, separated from those who do not have the virus, according to guidance released on Wednesday. (Reuters. See link in heading)

2. VENEZUELA, IRAN - Security/Political: US slaps new sanctions on Iranians for Venezuela trade

FYSA: The United States on Wednesday imposed sanctions on five Iranian ship captains who had delivered oil to Venezuela, and US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo reaffirmed the Trump administration's backing for Venezuelan opposition leader, Juan Guaido. (Al Jazeera. See link in heading)

3. TURKEY - Political: Turkey says Bolton's book 'misleading' on Erdogan-Trump conversations

FYSA: Turkey said on Wednesday that a book by former U.S. national security adviser John Bolton had “misleading” and “manipulative presentations” of the conversations between Turkish President Tayyip Erdogan and U.S. President Donald Trump. (Reuters. See link in heading)

4. UNITED STATES, CHINA - Political/Security: Trump administration says Huawei, Hikvision backed by Chinese military - document

FYSA: The Trump administration has determined that top Chinese firms, including telecoms equipment giant Huawei Technologies and video surveillance company Hikvision (002415.SZ), are owned or controlled by the Chinese military, laying the groundwork for new U.S. financial sanctions, according to a document seen by Reuters on Wednesday. ​(Reuters. See link in heading)

5. AUSTRALIA - Economic: Qantas to axe more jobs as airline goes into trading halt

FYSA: Qantas will cut about 6000 jobs, including cabin crew and ground staff, and continue to stand down 15,000 workers as it becomes a “smaller airline” in the short term to deal with the fallout from the COVID-19 crisis. The jobs will be cut across Qantas and Jetstar and represent about 20 per cent of the company’s workforce. They include pilots, cabin crew, engineers, ground crew who work in baggage handling, fleet presentation and ramp options, as well as corporate staff. Alan Joyce will stay on as the Qantas Group chief executive. Qantas made the announcement this morning as it entered a trading halt ahead of a share sale as part of its recovery from the virus crisis (News.com.au. See link in heading)

6. NEW ZEALAND - Security (Health): Seven of NZ's 12 coronavirus cases arrived on repatriation flights

FYSA: Seven of New Zealand's 12 active cases of the coronavirus flew in on repatriation flights from India, as the Government considers extra precautions on flights arriving from Covid hotspots. Among the seven cases are a baby under the age of 2 and their parents, who arrived in the country aboard Air India flight Al1306 on June 5. (NZH. See link in heading)

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