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The Deciport Daily Quick-Look: 23 June 2020

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An employee at Zara puts up a sign during a phased reopening from the coronavirus disease (COVID-19) restrictions in Toronto, Ontario, Canada May 19, 2020. REUTERS/Carlos Osorio/File Photo

Toronto To Reopen For Business After Three-Month Lockdown

After three long months, Canada's largest city, Toronto, will be reopen for business.

Along with many other countries, Canada's lockdown has put strain on its economy.

While the reopening of businesses will certainly be a welcome occasion, the threat of another outbreak of COVID-19 constantly looms over the world.

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The Daily Quick-Look for 23 June 2020

The Deciport Daily Quick-Look is your at-a-glance look at several key events and situations around the world over the last 24 hours. Each headline contains the link to its source report.

BLUF = Bottom Line Up Front.

FYSA = For Your Situational Awareness.

1. UNITED STATES - Political/Security: US moves to restrict Chinese media outlets as 'propaganda'

FYSA: The Trump administration has said that it is designating the US operations of four Chinese media outlets as "foreign missions" in an action that could force some of their journalists to leave the country and further worsen diplomatic relations. State Department officials said the four organisations are essentially mouthpieces for the Chinese Communist Party and the government and should not be treated like ordinary foreign media. (SMH. See link in heading)

2. CANADA - Security (Health)/Economic: Canada's biggest city, Toronto, to reopen businesses, ending three-month lockdown

FYSA: Toronto, Canada’s most-populous city and financial capital, will allow businesses to reopen starting on Wednesday, joining other regions in the province of Ontario in ending a three-month pandemic lockdown, Ontario Premier Doug Ford said on Monday. Malls and restaurants in Toronto, along with Peel Region, which includes some of the city’s densely populated suburbs, will be able to open their patios, according to the government’s plan. (Reuters. See link in heading)

3. VENEZUELA - Political: Trump says he would only meet Venezuelan president Maduro to discuss exit

BLUF: U.S. President Donald Trump on Monday walked back comments that he would consider meeting Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro, saying he would only do so to discuss Maduro’s departure from office. (Reuters. See link in heading). Why It Matters: The US Administration has taken a significantly hard line with Venezuela. The Marduro socialist regime has seen the country fall on particularly hard times, with its oil infrastructure severely deteriorating and its economy decimated.

4. HONG KONG - Political: European Union leaders urge Xi Jinping to drop Hong Kong national security law, or risk ‘negative consequences’

BLUF: European Union leaders warned President Xi Jinping of “very negative consequences” over Beijing’s plan to introduce a national security law in Hong Kong, while pressing for progress on market access and climate change in a sign of Europe’s hardening approach to China. In a show of EU’s impatience, Ursula von der Leyen, who leads the European Commission, called on Chinese leaders to step up the political attention for the ongoing investment talks by the “end of summer” in order to clinch a treaty by year end. Xi, on his part, fended off the EU’s categorisation of China as a rival, pledging to work together with the bloc on cooperation and upholding multilateralism. (SCMP. See link in heading) Why It Matters: China is receiving pressure from every corner of the political sphere regarding its proposed national security laws for Hong Kong. While Hong Kong's democratic system is sharply at odds with Beijing's one-party communist rule, Hong Kong also represents a global financial capital that nations are more than happy to deal with; largely unhindered by the restrictions of operating financial institutions on mainland China. Should Beijing continue its course, countries such as the US will likely impose economic sanctions on Hong Kong inline with sanctions on China.

5. NEW ZEALAND - Security (Health): New Zealand extends cruise ship ban, tightens rules to contain virus at border

BLUF: New Zealand on Monday extended a ban on cruise ships arriving in the country and tightened measures for visitors to exit quarantine, after reporting more coronavirus cases linked to overseas travel. (Reuters. See link in heading)

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