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The Deciport Daily Quick-Look: 17 July 2020

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There are a lot of unanswered questions about the Twitter hack on Wednesday night - but one thing most agree on is it could have been far worse. Image via BBC.

Twitter Suffers Major Hack For Bitcoin Scam

Security (Cyber) // BLUF: Twitter has suffered a major security breach, after a group of high-profile accounts were hijacked to perpetrate a bitcoin scam recently.

Among the hacked accounts were Elon Musk, Bill Gates, Barrack Obama and Kanye West.

US Presidential Candidate Joe Biden's account was also hacked, however US President Donald Trump's was not. While the hack appears to have been for monetary gain, one London academic, Dr Heather Williams, from King's College London, has already alluded to 'Russian Collusion' claiming, "We already know Russia is planning to meddle in the 2020 election just as they did in the 2016 election ...".

(See Point 1 Below)

The Daily Quick-Look for 17 July 2020

The Deciport Daily Quick-Look is your at-a-glance look at several key events and situations around the world over the last 24 hours. Each headline contains the link to its source report.

BLUF = Bottom Line Up Front.

FYSA = For Your Situational Awareness.

1. UNITED STATES - Security (Cyber): Twitter hack: What went wrong and why it matters

FYSA: Potentially thousands of people were scammed out of money after hijacked accounts of prominent verified users promised to double the money fans sent them in the cryptocurrency Bitcoin. Using Twitter's internal systems, the cyber-criminals' messages had a reach of at least 350 million people. And it looks like it made them about $110,000 (£86,800) in the one-and-a-bit hours the scam was active. (BBC. See link in heading for further reading)

2. US, CANADA, MEXICO - Security (Health): Non-essential travel restrictions extended at U.S. borders with Canada, Mexico

FYSA: Restrictions on non-essential travel at U.S. land borders with Canada and Mexico will be extended through Aug. 21, Canada and the United States announced on Thursday.(Reuters. See link in heading for further reading)

3. UNITED STATES, CHINA - Political: U.S. targets all Chinese Communist Party members for possible travel ban: source

FYSA: The Trump administration is considering banning travel to the United States by all members of the Chinese Communist Party and their families, a person familiar with the matter said on Thursday, a move that would worsen already tense U.S.-China relations. (Reuters. See link in heading for further reading)

4. IRAQ - Security (Health): Iraq to reopen airports this month

FYSA: Iraq will reopen its airports on July 23, the government announced today. The monthslong ban on international passenger flights stranded many people in the country, but Iraq is still recording its highest-ever numbers of daily COVID-19 cases. Curfews in federal territories will also end with the upcoming Eid al-Adha holiday at the end of the month. Malls can now reopen, as can some land borders for trade, per the announcement. Iraq closed its airports to international passenger flights in March to help mitigate the spread of the coronavirus. Some exemption flights from Qatar Airways that cost several thousands of dollars continued every few weeks, as did repatriation and nongovernmental organization flights. The prohibitive costs of the Qatar flights and the ban on other flights led to thousands of foreigners and Iraqis being stuck in the country, including low-income workers. (Al-Monitor. See link in heading for further reading)

5. IRAN - Security/Political: Iran security forces fire tear gas to disperse protesters

FYSA: Iranian security forces fired tear gas on Thursday to disperse demonstrators gathered in the southwestern city of Behbahan, witnesses told Reuters, and there was a heavy presence of forces in other cities. Videos posted on social media from inside Iran showed protesters chanting, “Fear not, fear not, we are in this together”. Other videos showed a heavy presence of security forces in Tehran and Isfahan. Some protesters chanted slogans against top officials. The videos on social media could not be verified by Reuters. “People are angry. The economy is so bad that we cannot survive,” said an Iranian man from Tehran, who asked not to be named due to security concerns, reached by telephone. Iran’s clerical rulers have tried to prevent a revival of anti-government protests that took place last November, when thousands of people are believed to have been killed in the deadliest street violence since Iran’s 1979 revolution. (Reuters. See link in heading for further reading)

6. PAKISTAN - Security (Travel): Most licenses valid for Pakistan pilots working abroad: Regulator

FYSA: Pakistani authorities said Thursday they had confirmed the credentials of almost all Pakistani pilots working for foreign airlines, as the country battles a scandal over aviator licenses. Airlines in 10 countries had demanded proof of valid flying licenses for their Pakistani pilots after it emerged about a third of Pakistan International Airlines (PIA) aviators were holding “bogus or suspicious” licenses. In all, the foreign airlines asked for proof of 176 Pakistani pilot licenses. Of these, 166 “have been validated as genuine and certified by the CAA (Civil Aviation Authority) Pakistan as having no anomaly,” the agency said in a statement. The “process for the remaining 10 shall be concluded by next week,” it added. Pakistan’s aviation minister sent shockwaves through the industry last month by revealing that some 260 pilots had dubious licenses. (Arab News. See link in heading for further reading)

7. NEW ZEALAND - Political: Government sells $30m worth of state houses after Labour promised to stop sales

FYSA: The Government has sold at least 146 state homes worth more than $30m since late 2017, despite Labour promising to stop the sale of state houses if elected to government. From late October 2017, when Labour formed a coalition government with New Zealand First and the Green Party, to December 2019 the Government’s housing agency Kāinga Ora sold 146 state houses, figures released under the Official Information Act show. (Stuff. See link in heading for further reading)

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