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New Caledonia Rejects Independence From France Again

The Deciport Daily Quick-Look: 05 October 2020

Congress president Roch Wamytan votes in the independence referendum at Mont Dore, New Caledonia Photograph: Dominique Catton/Guardian

The referendum results have narrowed from 2018's vote.

Political // BLUF: The people of the French territory of New Caledonia have rejected independence from France for a second time in a referendum.

In what was a narrow 'no' vote, secessionists say they will continue to fight for independence.

With the unofficial results at 53.3% to 46.7%, up from 43% from the 2018 referendum, the push for independence could see a third and final referendum in 2022.

(See Point 4 Below for Further Information)

The Daily Quick-Look for 05 October 2020

The Deciport Daily Quick-Look is your at-a-glance look at several key events and situations around the world over the last 24 hours. Each headline contains the link to its source report.

BLUF = Bottom Line Up Front.

FYSA = For Your Situational Awareness.

FYSA: Guatemalan authorities sent more than 3,000 Honduran migrants back to their home country over the past few days, they said on Saturday, dissolving much of a caravan heading north even while dwindling groups continued the trek toward the United States. Thousands of caravan members had crossed into Guatemala from Honduras without authorization last Thursday, pushing past troops at the border as they sought to escape poverty exacerbated by the coronavirus pandemic. As many as 2,800 people crossed the border in the initial incident, according to Guatemala’s government. Since then and on Saturday, 3,586 migrants had “opted to return,” the government said. (Reuters. See link in heading for further reading)

FYSA: Thousands of demonstrators in southern Germany protested against coronavirus restrictions over the weekend, police said on Sunday, although organisers failed to mobilise enough people for a planned human chain around Lake Constance. Thousands of counter-demonstrators in Constance also turned out to show support for the government’s measures to contain the coronavirus while also protesting against right-wing supporters in the other group, police said. Overall, police counted between 10,500 and 11,000 people taking part in the different demonstrations on Saturday and the two-day protests continued on Sunday with sunny weather likely to draw in further participants, a police spokesman said. (Reuters. See link in heading for further reading)

FYSA: Belarusian police on Sunday used water cannon to disperse protesters in the capital Minsk as tens of thousands marched to demand the release of political prisoners. Demonstrators took to the streets despite warnings they could face prison and dedicated their latest march -- which came after Brussels and Washington introduced sanctions against some Belarusian officials -- to the plight of dozens of political prisoners. Ahead of the march, the government sought to complicate media coverage of opposition rallies against strongman Alexander Lukashenko's regime, withdrawing the accreditation of all foreign journalists. (Bangkok Post. See link in heading for further reading)

FYSA: Voters in the French territory of New Caledonia in the south Pacific have narrowly rejected – for a second time – a proposal to break away from Paris, choosing to remain loyal to the French republic in a nationwide referendum. But campaigners for secession say the struggle for independence will go on.As it had in 2018, the “no” vote for independence prevailed, this time 53.3% to 46.7%, according to unofficial results declared by the French president, Emmanuel Macron.But a significantly improved “yes” vote, up from 43% last referendum and now approaching the simple majority needed for secession, has given a massive fillip to the independence campaign, and laid the foundations for a third and final referendum on the question in two years’ time. The push for independence – overwhelmingly supported by New Caledonia’s indigenous Kanak population, who make up about 40% of the population – now appears a real possibility for 2022. (The Guardian. See link in heading for further reading)

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