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Deciport Quick-Look Weekly Recap: 24 May 2020

A summary of Key Events from this week's Daily Quick-Looks. All Quick-Looks can be found on the Intelligence Stream.

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23 May 2020: Hong Kong Draws Closer To Losing Its Democracy As Beijing Tightens Its Grip

The situation in Hong Kong approaches a flash-point, as Beijing draws ever-closer to bringing the city under its total control.

The 'One Country, Two Systems' law that sees Hong Kong enjoy a democratic system separate from communist rule continues to come under threat.

With recent announcements, it is likely that protests of the scale seen in 2019, if not larger, will occur soon.

This is a precarious time for the people for Hong Kong, with international intervention a possibility; given US rhetoric.

22 May 2020: With Three New COVID-19 Cases At The World’s Largest Refugee Camp And A Cyclone, Is Total Devastation Around The Corner For Bangladesh?

Cyclone Amphan continues its destruction on the west of India and Bangladesh, killing dozens. Amongst this devastation, the world's largest refugee camp, Cox's Bazar Camp, has recorded three new cases of COVID-19, bringing the total to 13.

Cox's Bazar Camp is home to 850,000 Rohingya refugees, and has been considered during the outbreak of COVID-19 to be a powder-keg situation.

That fuse has well and truly been lit, against the back drop of a devastating cyclone.

21 May 2020: Is It Worth Wearing A Non-Medical Mask In Public?

The Canadian Government seems to think so, recently officially recommending the wearing of non-medical masks in public as an additional measure to fight COVID-19.

During the outbreak of COVID-19, KN-95 masks were widely touted as the only masks worth wearing, and anything that didn't have the same ability to shield a wearer from droplets containing COVID-19 from entering the nose and mouth was considered to be nearly useless when it came to personal protection.

20 May 2020: China Calls Australian Claim Of World Health Organization Vindication 'A Joke'

The war of words between China and Australia continues as the World Health Assembly adopts a draft resolution into the review of the origins of COVID-19.

While the Australian government has claimed the resolution as vindication for its call for an independent inquiry into the origins and spread of COVID-19, Beijing has hit back saying that the claim was ‘a joke’.

Relations between the two countries has continued to deteriorate, with China suspending beef imports from Australia, in what it claims is unrelated to recent comments by Chinese officials alluding to a boycott of Australian beef, wine and universities.

Numerous countries, including the US, supported Australia’s call for the inquiry.

19 May 2020: Europe Is Slowly Waking Up From Its COVID-19 Nightmare.

Countries across Europe, including Italy, Greece, Spain and the Czech Republic are slowly starting to reopen, as countries work hard to strike a balance between restarting tourism industries and avoiding a 'second wave' of COVID-19 outbreaks.

As Spain plans to reopen borders by June, the Czech Republic tries to negotiate a 'travel bubble' with Austria and Slovakia; and Greece and Italy reopen their hospitality industries with some minor local tourism.

Travel bubble will be a term thrown around a lot over the next two months.

18 May 2020: Brazil's Own President Takes Part In Anti-Lockdown Protests.

Brazilian President Jair Bolsonaro has taken part in protests, flouting social distancing guidelines to take pics with supporters, including children; as crowds gather to protest numerous issues including quarantine and social distancing measures.

Bolsonaro has lost two Health Ministers in a month, with Nelson Teich recently resigning after only two weeks in the job.

Protests gather momentum around the world. However, lot of venom is coming out on social media against the protesters, including calls to lock people up, publicly name them, not treat them at hospital and so on.

17 May 2020: Protests Erupt In Europe Over COVID-19 Restrictions.

The UK, Germany, Poland and Spain all saw protest activity during the weekend over COVID-19 lockdown restrictions, citing government limiting of civil liberties, the destruction of economies; and also other elements such as anti-vaccination and conspiracies.

Germany's protests saw thousands turn out, with arrests made in all countries; as 'social distancing' rules were broken. Poland's protests saw tear gas deployed. These protests follow recent protests in Australia, albeit with much smaller numbers; although arrests still occurred there citing breaches of social distancing.

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