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Updated: May 16

By Marcus Aupuni

*Below is taken from the Deciport Pocket Guide to Understanding the Situation.

When we refer to understanding the situation, it is always in three contexts: past, present and future. Understanding why things are the way they are (present) requires us to understand how things got there in the first place (past); which enables a degree of foresight as to what might happen next (future). However, a complete understanding of all factors past and present does not guarantee you the future!

There are no guarantees when attempting to predict what might happen next, this is a law that you must abide by, especially in the intelligence world. No matter how thoroughly researched you are, no matter your experience, when the unexpected rears its head; you will be left wanting if you don’t understand this.

So then what is the point if nothing is guaranteed you might ask? Knowledge is power my friend, and understanding your world will enable your decisions, it will enable you to see through the fog of the world and gain clarity. It enables you to act fast and react faster, because your increase in your situational awareness will reduce the unwanted surprises that will appear. Reduce, not completely eradicate.

What is the difference between information and intelligence? When you watch your favorite crime drama and you hear the actors speak of finding “intel (intelligence)”, does that mean that any piece of information that you come across is “intel”? No, it doesn't. So what is the difference? Intelligence in its most basic form is information that has been pulled from different sources (after receiving direction from the entity needing the intelligence), analysed (processed, broken down into component facts, compared with historic and current data, placed in time and space, assessed, context established, predictive assessments formulated and so on) and presented to the entity requiring it.

So what does this mean for you? It means that to understand the situation, you must look at the situation from different angles and on different levels. Sounds like a lot of work? Doesn’t have to be if you follow our new pocket guide to understand how to gain an appreciation of a situation in a well-rounded and timely manner.*

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To get you started on how to understand the situation at any destination, I have a pocket guide that you can download FREE, and it uses intelligence and security processes to be as efficient as possible when it comes to getting your head around a situation anywhere in the world. Not only that, it contains some very handy travel hints and tips! Find the free guide on the home page!

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