Our Code of Conduct

Deciport is committed to providing our clients with the best security intelligence products available. These products are produced under the following code of conduct.


Accuracy of information used.

Information used within Deciport products is drawn from multiple sources over an open source platform. Deciport will always attempt to corroborate information drawn from sources and agencies by seeking out reporting streams that may have information to corroborate previous information in a manner that avoids incidences of circular reporting. Where information has been drawn from a single source, but is relevant to a situation being reported on; this will be noted in the product as being single source and uncorroborated. Single source and uncorroborated reporting will not be used to form single assessments from. However, single source and uncorroborated reporting may be mentioned in an assessment for the sake of context; although this will again be mentioned within an assessment.


Citing sources.

Deciport will provide references for all reporting used within our products. Deciport will always endeavour to give credit to the sources responsible for the reports from which information is extracted, along with the location (URL) of the source report for our client’s reference. This is provided in the references section of the Risk and Threat Assessment product and provided as an attachment in follow-up correspondence for the Live Consultation Session product. If the source is local to the area being reported on and does not wish to be named in the report, this will be annotated in the report itself.

Assessment and Considerations versus Instruction.

Deciport provides intelligence assessment and considerations within its products, for the purpose of assisting clients in their decision-making process; as part of their overall planning. Deciport will not provide direct instructions to clients regarding situations or decision-making, with “direct instructions” constituting direct and closed statements such as “do this action” or “do that thing”. Deciport’s role in our clients’ planning is to enable their decision-making process, not make their decisions for them.


Political Commentary.

Deciport reports on and assesses the political situation within countries. This is critical to understanding local atmospherics and social dynamics within an environment. Deciport does not provide personal opinions or political biases in our products for our clients, nor do we discriminate politically against our clients.


Religious, political or ideological positions.

Deciport does not discriminate against religious, political or ideological positions. This will only be countermanded in the event that criminal or terror-related activity is suspected.

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