Risk and Threat Assessment 

The Deciport Risk and Threat Assessment for Prospective Private or Business Travel (RTA) is our intelligence report prepared exclusively for you and covers a number of subjects to help you understand your world and plan accordingly.

This multi-page report addresses all of your risk and threat considerations, for you and your family's, friends' or personnel's physical well being when travelling abroad for private travel or business operations. The physical and human terrain, cultural aspects, political outlook, the economic movement, security situation and the types of risks that you and your personnel will be exposed to are explained to you in simple-to-understand language.

While the above aspects are covered, the report goes into further detail, to outline the state and location of local medical facilities, recent activity locally (including indicators of crime, adverse occurrences such as local fires or extreme weather and civil unrest), who your national support elements are; and much more.

The report is presented in a manner that allows you to immediately start planning, and provides risk mitigation information and threat outcomes for your consideration. This is a great planning tool and is an intelligence product that will efficiently bring you up to speed on the current situation and the threats and risks that you could face, so you can plan with confidence.

Contact us if you're unsure of the status of your intended destination and we will be happy to advise next steps.

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