The Deciport Mission

To provide world-class security consulting and intelligence support for private individuals, businesses and security professionals seeking opportunities far from home in an uncertain world, so they can find happiness, success and to realize their dreams, while being equipped with the knowledge to navigate through the world, complete what they set out to achieve and return home safe and ready for more.

The Deciport Vision

In the information age, an intelligence service, featuring elements that could be expected by the military or government, can be provided to a wider audience, to help you succeed in a dynamic, evolving and uncertain world. We believe that the intelligence world can be put into your hands, so you can make informed decisions in environments where there are no guarantees.


This is the age you live in, and intelligent decisions matter.

Credibility is Our Cornerstone

Deciport places deep value in credibility, it is the lifeblood of a security and intelligence organization. We will always strive to provide you with the very best products that are factually accurate, timely and relevant. We stand by our ability to advise and inform you so you can make the right decisions at the right time. We are a small organization with extensive and specialized experience, and we operate using a transparent Code of Conduct. To learn more about our Code of Conduct, click here.

Who we are

National Museum of Iraq, Baghdad

Deciport’s founder and director Marcus Aupuni is a former Military Intelligence operator and Diplomatic Protection consultant with substantial experience in Military Intelligence and Special Operations, Hostile Environments and Diplomatic Security operations; including in Baghdad, Iraq. Marcus founded Deciport with the vision of putting the Security and Intelligence world into the hands of people and organizations who need to navigate the world with confidence, but don't have organic Security or Intelligence support to their activities.

Deciport LLC is New Zealand Veteran-Owned and Operated

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